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2019 national construction machinery industry CTO intelligent hydraulic technology innovation BBS se

2019-05-30 09:21

The 2019 China (guangzhou) international construction machinery, parts, remanufacturing, maintenance technology and service exhibition (kangma exhibition) was held at the China import and export fair (Canton fair) in guangzhou, capital of China, Aug. 1-3, 2019.


In order to further promote the scientific and technological innovation of China's construction machinery industry, help enterprises to realize upgrading strategy by relying on technological innovation and management innovation. By national hydraulic pneumatic standardization technology committee, jointly organized by guangzhou construction machinery industry association, guangzhou collect guest international conference and exhibition media co., ltd. and guangzhou new European machinery co., LTD. Jointly undertake the CTO "national construction machinery industry intelligent hydraulic technology innovation BBS" in the exhibition held in the same period, and plans to invite the national standardization technical committee of hydraulic pressure pneumatic JiHong experts and professors, Xu Bing professor, professor xu Yang once, JiaoZhongXia professor, wang teacher, professor ShaBaoSen, ding asked the professor, professor Fang Qingguan, professor wen-lin wang, Dr Huang Jin experts such as academic speech do hydraulic projects. At that time, more than 200 engineering machinery industry technical directors, engineers gathered in kangma exhibition, as well as sany, zoomlion, xugong, liugong, yimebo, shell and other well-known enterprises related person in charge attended BBS. Exchange and discussion on intelligent hydraulic technology innovation in construction machinery industry. Intelligent hydraulic component is a device that integrates sensors, detection and control circuits, protection circuits and fault self-diagnosis circuits on the basis of original components and has power output. At present, the development of human technology has entered the intelligent stage, forming the industrial revolution of intelligent development of industry. The core of intelligent manufacturing is the application of Internet + intelligent equipment, which forms an intelligent network through the Internet for ubiquitous sensors, embedded terminal systems, intelligent control systems and communication facilities. The intellectualization and digitization of hydraulic components are the general trend, and the field of construction machinery is no exception.

Kangma exhibition is dedicated to trade, lease, auction, maintenance and technology, e-commerce platform and channel of complete machines and accessories in the aftermarket of construction machinery, and is committed to promoting international trade and service exchange of construction machinery.